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Case studies

Private, commercial and public-sector contractors: a wide range of clients already trust our expertise in planning and construction management. A selection of our completed projects is listed here:

Major Infrastucture

Erskine Bridge


Refurbishment of Lighting and Electrical Network.

  • Feasibility studies, tender documents and drawings.
  • Design of Road Lighting, Internal Lighting, Aircraft Navigation Lighting and Electrical Networks
  • Construction drawings.
  • Construction supervision
  • Cable ducting for street lighting and communications.
  • Electrical and communications comissioning work.
  • Internal lighting and electrical power supplies within the bridge
  • Zone 2 Hazardous Area
  • Renew 16No 30m High mast.



Scotland Transerv/Transport Scotland



2016 - 2017


Project budget

£3.7 million Lighting and Electrical Networks


Major Infrastucture

Clayton Fourie Consultancy has completed a full turnkey LED lighting design and installation Project for a car park at Edinburgh Park.  The full scheme, including installation costs provides the client with a Return on Investment of 3 years.


The site is located within a major business park on the west side of Edinburgh, close to The Gyle Shopping Centre, Royal Bank of Scotland HQ and Edinburgh Airport.

The project involved:

  • An appraisal of the existing installation, including column inspection
  • Design of new LED lighting scheme
  • Installation of new LED lighting scheme
  • Column painting

The installation has resulted in 75% reduction in                    

energy where 5 No 250W SON-T and 13 No 85W 

PL-L luminaires, dating back to the mid 1990s

were replaced with 16 No 42W TRT Aspect 2



The instalment complies fully with the recommendations of CIBSE LG6 and BS 5489.

Column painting was carried out by H.C. Munton.

The luminaires are manufactured by Thorlux Road + Tunnel (TRT) in the UK and benefit from a 12 year manufacturer guarantee as standard.  TRT are part of the FW Thorpe group and are a long established family owned UK lighting manufacturer, having been in business for over 80 years.   For further information please contact:  07722 111424

Clackmannanshire Bridge

the street lighting and motorway communications for the Clackmannashire Bridge .

  • Feasibility studies : tender documents and drawings.
  • Construction drawings.
  • Construction supervision
  • Cable ducting for street lighting and communications.
  • Electrical and communications installation and comissioning work.
  • Internal lighting and electrical network for the bridge



Fairhurst/Transport Scotland





Project budget

£250milion - £2.8 million Lighting and Communications


Planning Report

Rumbleton Law Quarry, Greenlaw, Scottish Borders

Design and planning report for new quarry processing plant in a rural area of the Scottish Borders.  This included ensuring that appropriate lighting was provided for the tasks required within the plant, whilst ensuring that obtrusive light was kept within the strict environmental constraints laid down in the relevant standards



Alistair Smith Associates on behalf of Alex Brewster & Sons Partnership





Project budget



Energy Reduction

Central Scotland Police HQ- Stirling


Design of exterior lighting in accordance with CIBSE LG6.


The lighting around the main HQ complex was redesigned to take account of energy/carbon reduction targets and to address issues which were raised during a security audit.


The scheme involved the replacement of life expired high pressure sodium lights, many of which had been installed on an ad-hoc basis over a number of years, and provided poor optical control.


A revised scheme has been provided, using LED sources, which will meet current lighting standards over the entire site, reduce the energy consumption by 65%, and improve colour rendition

Renewable Energy

Harlaw Community Hydro Electric Scheme, Balerno, Edinburgh


Construction Supervision of Community Hydro Electric Scheme in Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh


The project scheme is located at the bottom of the existing 165 year old dam.  The reservoir and dam were constructed in the 1840s as a means of regulating the water flow in the water of Leith, which provided the source of power for numerous water mills along its route.


The scheme was concieved by Balerno Vilage Trust as a means of raising money, through power generation, profits from which, would then be used to fund various activities and events in the village.


The project involved the installation of a turbine house, incorporating a 96KW Francis turbine, along with the associated pipework and thrust blocks.  Work Commenced in September 2014 with formal opening in December 2015



Development of Traffic Signal specification


  • Improved safety through use of ELV(48) supply
  • Reduced energy through introduction of ELV Signal Heads and Push Button
  • Improved traffic safety through introduction of passively safe signal poles
  • Improved maintenance through use of termination in pole base and fitting in retention socket, to ease replacement
  • Introduction of wireless loops
  • PUFFIN technology in all crossings
  • CMS to constantly monitor signal installation

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