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Lighting and Electrical Consultancy
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Why Use a Lighting Designer? 
Because Your Darkness Is Our Blank Canvas 
Professional lighting and highway electrical designers can:

  • Provide a professional, comprehensive and cost effective design, ensuring that the scheme complies with the necessary performance standards and takes account of all statutory requirements including CDM2007 regulations
  • Ensure that the installation does not conflict with other services which may be present.
  • Utilise light to create mood and ambience to the overall project, which in turn has been shown to reduce fear of crime and encourage night time utilisation of public areas
  • Save costs for owners and end users through value engineering.
  • Protect the environment through sustainable design and code compliance
  • Consider not only the initial design, but also take account of future maintenance
  • Save energy by promoting efficiency through innovation


Lighting is often seen as a minor addition to a project, whether it be a major highway scheme or new housing development, however, the quality of lighting design has a massive affect on the night time scene.  Light is a technically difficult yet astonishing medium that requires an understanding of continually evolving disciplines and involves a degree of Aesthetics, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering together with an understanding of environmental regulations, roadside safety and maintenance requirements.


Clayton Fourie work closely with your infrastructure and architectural design teams, to bring solid technical acumen and sensitive design technique to your streetscape, landscape and building projects, which can add value to a project through creating mood and aesthetic appeal. 

Lighting design is succeeding as a profession because of the many solid answers to the question, Why should an architect or developer pay for lighting design services when it can be done in house or by a salesperson at no additional "cost"?

Whilst many manufacturers may provide a “free” design service, the basis of the design is to sell their own products, rather than to give the client the optimal design.  In most cases, the design will be no more than a basic layout on the plan which will produce the prescribed Lux levels, leaving your civil and electrical design teams to design your own electrical supply network and consider how the scheme will be constructed.  In all, there are a number of  factors to consider:


  • Does the design include the electrical supply network?
  • Does it take account of passive safety requirements? Does it include construction and installation details?
  • Can the design actually be built, taking account of the surrounding environment and underground services?
  • Can the design be safely and economically maintained in the future? 
  • Does the design comply with the CDM2007 regulations

In addition, there are many cheap, low quality products flooding the LED market from indeterminate sources,  Whilst these may appear to offer a low cost option, in many cases, these can have an adverse effect on the health of office or shop staff (headaches, eye strain etc), due to unseen flicker.


In many cases, it may not be economically viable for a highways consultant to employ a full time lighting designer. Clayton Fourie Consultancy is not tied to any manufacturer, and through our extensive experiece, will provide a comprehensive design, which will meet your design intent, as well as all statutory requirements and local authority standards.

Owners, developers and architects who have benefited from independent, skillful lighting design realize that there are both short- and long-term paybacks that far outweigh any initial fee. Lighting designers are a unique, value-added resource. In most instances, a specialist lighting designer will actually reduce the project construction and/or operations costs.

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